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We have over 10 years of experience in providing renewable energy solutions and engineering consultation to our residential and commercial clients locally as well as overseas

As an ISO qualified, BCA (ME03-Solar Integration) and Bizsafe Star registered company, we bring together the highest quality standards and satisfaction for our customers

We provide world class service along with different purchase models

Not only do we identify technical challanges, we offer real sustainable solutions to bring renewable energy to you



We will bring about the most appropriate, cost effective and creative solar energy solutions to suit the needs of each project. We offer complete turnkey solutions for 5 different pv systems!


We have a wide variety of strategic industrial partnerships. Rest assusred, we will negotiate and procure the right technologies and services at the best possible price.

?kw Interpool

Solar leasing provides an economical entrance point for those interested in switching to Renewable Energy. Pay the rights to use electricity for a set period of time. We will install the panels at no money down thus providing you with clean energy with no financial liability.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar Panels are positioned to get maximum exposure to Solar radiation. When the sunlight hits the solar panels, this causes photons to knock electrons free from the atom which creates a direct flow of electricity( DC Electricity)

The DC electricity flows through the cables into the inverter. Inveters are electrical devices that convert DC electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity which is the same type used to power the majority of loads in buildings

AC electricity flows from inveter to breaker box which directs the current into any appliance in the house.In some cases, when there is excess electricity, it be exported back to the grid.

Solar Benefits

Reduce utility bills

Fight climate change

Improve company image

Reduce Carbon Emmisions

How to Proceed?

Outright purchase

  • Pay for the whole system.
  • Own the system.
  • Get the benefits.

Power Purchase Agreement

  • We handle the installation.
  • pay a set price for each kilowatt-hour of electricity consume.
  • monthly payments fluctuate based on how much power consume.

Solar Leasing

  • We handle the installation.
  •  Pay a fee for the rights to use all the electricity the panels produce for a set period of time.
  •  Fees may be paid monthly, yearly, or in a lump sum. 

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We aim to make cleaner and more affordable alternatives easily available to you. We have the expertise to offer full-service innovative solar power solutions