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Holistic Solar Installation Services

We take pride in our full in-house capabilities to undertake the complete design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning, operations and maintenance of solar energy systems from conception to completion (EPCC). SENE takes a holistic approach in providing solar services. We provide our clients full-service to seamlessly acquire a solar PV installation and receive continual support in maintaining the system.
Our extensive in-house construction experience allows us to always deliver our commitments on safety, quality and production for both commercial and residential customers. Our team ensures that we set-up a world-class solar installation system to optimise project duration and cost.
Complete Solar Panel Installation


Our highly experienced engineers scrutinise every detail of the project and analyse available relevant data: client’s requirement, site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, and selection of equipment, engineering design, and 3D modelling to optimise the potentials of the solar power generated.

Procurement and Purchasing

We have vast networks and strategic industry partnerships. Thus we assure that we will find the right technologies, financing, and contracting services at the best possible terms for the solar power procurement project.

Construction & Commisioning

With our extensive experience and expertise, and sophisticated technology, we are equipped with top quality construction management capabilities to ensure high level construction performances in accordance to project specifications and client expectations.

Customer Service

We go beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Our team provides assistance in every step of the project from carrying out preventive maintenance, offering product warranty as well as cleaning services. SENE will be your provider from start, even after the project completion.

Solar PV system installation process flow


Site Audit

We analyse the building structure and the solar system design to check the viability of a solar system and to determine solar power generation capacity and appropriate equipment. We also check the installation cost and your current utility pricing

System Design

Our team of expert engineers will work together to create a detailed proposal for the structural analysis, inverter configuration and the solar layout ensuring optimal design and construction efficiency.


Before we commence a project, our team ensures that the required permits from the EMA, Power Grid, and SCDF are applied and handled accordingly.


After procuring the right technologies and services at the best possible terms, construction of the system begins.

System Installation

Our construction activities comply with the highest safety standards without compromising the project quality and delivery.

Testing & Commissioning

Our team conducts a final inspection to ensure that the system is designed, installed, and operates at optimum efficiency in accordance with the project specifications and client’s expectation.

Operations & Maintenance

We handle all monitoring, maintenance and repair. There will be online monitoring of the system and preventive maintenance as well at the end of each month. We will send a bill indicating the amount of power produced and the cost.
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