Are you looking to greening up your household? Wait no more! SENE is ready to help you go solar!

As one of the top companies offering renewable energy solutions and engineering consultation to the residential sector in Singapore and other South East Asia countries, we are in the best position to complete the project excellently. 

As we all know, excessive use of non-renewable energy resources has detrimental effects on our environment as shown in numerous scientific studies. That is why we believe that through our products, we can help reduce global warming for the benefit of our future generation. Solar panels can provide renewable and sustainable clean energy that we need to protect the environment. 

Installing solar panels brings about many benefits to your household. 

  • Less grid dependence
  • Monetary benefits such as reduced utility bills
  • Doing your part in fighting climate change
  • Improve your house’s resale value
  • And more….

SENE wants to do its part for our environment by providing affordable and sustainable green energy to residential properties.

Find out more about the residential solar panel projects we have completed for our clients below. Contact the SENE team for any questions you may have on how we can help make your house go solar. 

Let us help you become a part of a greener, cleaner world!

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