Solar Panel

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Solar panel, also known as solar photovoltaic, is a collection of solar cells mounted in a framework that absorbs the sun’s rays and use it as a source of energy that generates electricity. These cells are composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous (negative charge), and boron (positive charge) that are connectedly assembled in a grid-like patterns to form a panel.

Frameless Solar Panel

Designed for special architectural applications that require specific kind of mounting structure to be installed. These aesthetically designed frameless panels bring the array closer to the roof. There’s no aluminium frame to support them, thus the glass on the panel has to be thicker to provide structural integrity to the panel. The design reduces accumulation of dirt at the edge.

Framed Solar Panel

The most commonly used solar panel. Has aluminium frames that protect the internal components of the solar panel, and serves as mounting attachment points

Flexible Solar Panel

A portable yet powerful device that provides stable electricity while on the go. Made of ultra-thin silicon cells with high level of optical absorption that enables solar power to be generated designed for uneven surfaces.

Double Glass Solar Panel

An innovative product uses heat-strengthened glasses instead of the traditional polymer back-sheet for improved durability. Producers usually offer power warranties up to 30 years.

The Photovoltaic Effect

Solar energy begins with the sun. 

Solar panels convert light from the sun, which is composed of particles of energy called “photons”, into electricity. The surface of the Solar panels absorb the photons that generate energy. This allows the electrons to be released into the electric field in the solar cells pulling these free electrons into a directional current. This process is known as Photovoltaic Effect.

Types of Solar Panels

Cell Technologies


Referred to as “multi-crystalline,” because there are many crystals in each cell that causes less freedom for the electrons to move. Made from lower quality silicon to form a square with four corners trimmed off.

Advantage: Lower cost of production.

Disadvantage: Lower efficiency in comparison to mono-crystalline crystals.

Battery: 14-16% cell efficiency.


Created from a single continuous crystal structure, a monocrystalline panel appears as a single, flat colour solar cell sliced from high quality cylindrical silicon ingots to form a square with four corners trimmed off.

Advantage: Slightly higher conversion efficiency than polycrystalline cells.

Disadvantage: Slightly lower temperature coefficient of power derating than polycrystalline cells.

Battery: 15 %- 17 % module efficiency.


Made of thin layer of copper, indium, gallium and selenium on glass, along with electrodes. These materials allow the panels absorb light from the back as well as the front requiring thinner film compared to other types.

Advantage: High absorption coefficient. Ability to absorb reflected light.

Disadvantage: Can be deposited on flexible substrates.

Battery: 13 % - 14.5 % module efficiency.


Monocrystalline cells using N type silicon with electrical contacts at the rear to improve conversion efficiency.

Advantage: Highest conversion efficiency.

Battery: 20% module efficiency.

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The Benefits of Solar Panels

Environment Friendly
Pollution free. It provides clean renewable energy, and reduces reliance on oil, coal and natural gas in producing electricity. There are no greenhouse gas emissions that affect the quality of air, water and soil, and are responsible for global warming.
Save on Electricity Bills
Solar panels offer year-round efficiency and savings Electricity bill will drop depending on the size of the solar system. This could reduce your monthly electric bill to zero. You may also qualify for a rebate.
Low Maintenance Costs
Generally, solar energy system doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Regular cleaning and health check will help it last for decades.

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